Welcome to Kids Voting Foothills!
Kids Voting is a private, non-partisan, nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to educating America's youth about the importance of being an informed citizen and the responsibilities of voting to sustain democracy. Teachers in grades kindergarten through 12 incorporate lessons tailored to different ages in their curriculum. On election day, students to to the polls with a parent, guardian, or other adult.

What is the mission of Kids Voting and what are its goals?

The Kids Voting mission is to promote voter participation and educate students regarding the voting process. Kids Voting works with public, private, home and charter schools to:
  • Create an informed electorate
  • Increase adult voter turnout
  • Develop lifetime voting habits in youth

Kids Voting is Unique!

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Kids Voting USA is the only organization that virtually replicates the voting process by taking students into official voting precincts on Election Day. Kindergartners through high school students register to vote and participate in an engaging classroom curriculum about the election process.

Kids Voting Students:
  • Read newspapers
  • Follow politics on television
  • Talk to adults about candidates and issues more than other students do
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Amy Buchanan
Executive Director
Kids Voting Foothills